Control plan

Raw Material/Parts Quality Control

  • 1.I.Q.C. record sheet (進料檢驗記錄表)
  • 2.Incoming ingots composition testing
  • 3.Geiger counter test record
  • 4.Copper residual&Defect In/Out Sheet
  • C.Ingts stock independent area

Sand Casting

  • 1.Working Dispatch Instruction(派工單)
  • 2.Material Melted Control Sheet
  • A.填寫每爐之材質與熔鑄起迄時間於鍋爐作業記錄表上
  • B.澆鑄前,送試品至品管室檢測材質是否達標準
  • 3.Material Composition List(熔爐後材質分析表)
  • 4.Casting production control sheet (登錄數量與日期於鑄造生產管制表)
  • 5.Products Working Instruction Card (標示產品之特性於產品作業指示單)


  • 1.Working Dispatch Instruction(派工單)
  • A.依照派工單指示,更換正確之加工銑刀與牙刀
  • 2.Products sampling check by worker(作業員自主檢查)
  • A.作業員不定時對產品之尺寸與螺牙檢查
  • 3.Machining production control sheet (作業畢,登錄數量與日期於加工作業管制表)
  • 4.Products Working Instruction Card (作業畢,產品作業指示單勾選)
  • 5.QC人員巡檢3~4次

Air Pressure Testing

  • 1.Pressure Testing Control Sheet
  • A.作業前,確認氣壓值是否達規定
  • B.作業畢,登錄數量與日期於試壓 作業管制表
  • 2.Products Working Instruction Card (作業畢,產品作業指示單勾選)

Appearance Check

  • 1.Final Inspection Control Sheet (外觀檢查管制表)
  • 2.Judgement Sample List (不良品判斷基準清單)

"Assembly & Packing"

  • 1.Assembly Instruction (裝配作業指示單)
  • 2.Products Working Instruction Card (作業畢,產品作業指示單勾選)
  • 3.Clients packing specification list (客戶包裝規格表)
  • 4.Packing list (客戶包裝明細)

Storge / Shipped

  • 1.Stock control sheet (庫存管制記錄表)
  • A.依照不同材質、螺紋,標示於PE袋上
  • B.依不同材質、螺紋,填寫產品之剩 餘數量於不同之庫存記錄表上
  • 2.Stock by Material and thread type =>依不同材質與螺紋種類儲存至不同料架上
  • 3.Shipment Inspection Report 出貨檢驗紀錄表

YO Bronze Benefit

  • 1. To provide reliable products and quality for each clients.
  • 2. To provide High-Mix-Low-Volume production.
  • 3. To provide flexible business cooperation model to make win-win.
  • 4. To provide various copper alloy material and thread type to meet client requirement.
  • 5. Using various precision NC machine to reach client's quality reuirement.
  • 6. The shipment final inspection report was done to conform to client quality demand.
  • 7. Well quality control procedure to detect out defect in right timing to make client having confidence for us.